Peter Hittman Kitchens design and install beautiful laundries

We believe that a laundry should receive as much care and attention as any kitchen. The laundry is one of the most widely used and functional rooms in the house and is used by all of the family almost every day.

A Real Utility Room

Washing and drying have to be done daily in many houses and ironing is also done in the laundry. Most homes use the laundry as an extension of their kitchen – storage, an extra fridge or freezer (make sure your husband doesn’t try to sneak the beer fridge in there) hanging washing on wet days and a myriad of other uses, all add up to make the laundry one of the most used rooms in any house.

Laundry Sink

The laundry sink is an essential household utility – football boots, dirty work clothes, the dog – you name it they all go in the laundry sink. There is always something that needs cleaning that you would rather keep away from the kitchen or bathroom.

Laundry Storage

You need space for the ironing board, sweeper and all of those other large items that are essential to running a clean and tidy household.

It is for all of these reasons that Peter Hittman have taken the time to become experts in laundry design.
We have designed some of the best and most innovative laundries that get the absolute best out of the space available and look stunning.

Give Peter Hittman a call today and let us weave some magic in you laundry.

Great Laundry Design

A comprehensive choice of custom, built-in cabinets, featuring innovative storage solutions, wide range of practical and attractive laundry sinks, beautiful hard wearing bench tops and quality finishing touches are all part of the service when you have you laundry designed by Peter Hittman kitchens.

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