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Hafele Benchtop Light Some people already have a clear idea of the look and feel they want for their new kitchen. Some people have really honed in on the functionality and have some great ideas. Others have thought a great deal about their kitchen and know what they don’t like about their current kitchen, but can’t think, which design is best or where to place appliances.

No matter where you fit, how much you have or haven’t planned, Peter Hittman Kitchens have the experience and understanding to work with you.

Your new kitchen is very important to you and we are experts at helping each customer arrive at the perfect kitchen for their home.

3D Kitchen Design Drawing

Once we have a clear understanding of how you would like your kitchen lain out we produce a 3D drawing of you kitchen which you approve. This shows exactly where each kitchen appliance goes, the location of drawers, cupboards, shelving and the amount of workspace you will have. You will also be able to view a 3d impression of the finished room.

Once you have agreed the final plans, we go through your kitchen once again and check that all of the features you need are contained within the design and just as importantly that your kitchen will function correctly.
This means that you get exactly the kitchen you need and will be delighted with the finish too.

Choice of Kitchen Finishes and Colours

Peter Hittman Kitchens supply a fantastic range of finishes, colours, styles and materials for your kitchen.
Matching cabinets, doors, splash backs and bench tops is very rewarding, when you have such a great range to work with.

Once your design is confirmed, you can start on the fun stuff. You might have a clear idea of the doors you like and the handles. So once we have these agreed, you can move on to the bench tops and splash backs, which need to be chosen together.

Always bare in mind, the colour scheme you want for the rest of the room, walls and ceiling. It is also worth considering the room or rooms, that led into the kitchen, as you want all of these to work in harmony. Give one of our experienced designers a call and let them help you design the stunning kitchen you want.


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